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Private cluster

Private cluster represents a complete and autonomous solution for virtualization including administration. No need to invest in your own hardware or licences.

Hardware. Software. Virtualization.

Most corporations are already taking advantage of one of our three main virtualization products VMware, Hyper-V and Parallels. Each of these solutions has its pros and cons. Some need its full functionality costly RAIDs, others come with ineffective aggregation In the five years of development, we have learned that this can only be effectively reached through careful harmonization of hardware and software. Therefore we offer a virtualization cloud appliance with guaranteed performance.


Hardware, which is supposed to be cost-effective, must be effectively used. The virtualization appliance is performance fitted as required by the client. We guarantee all the hardware, virtualization and administration. Thanks to non-stop monitoring, we know about a client's problem before it actually happens.


The core of our technology uses probed technologies from RedHat company. We have added our own technology portfolio, user interfaces allowing interactive access through a browser and configuration interface.


Full management is an integral part of our products. Our aim is to provide our client with a complete hardware solution with no maintenance. The only part left on our clients' shoulders are the applications run in the virtualisation. Every cluster is constantly monitored and automatically updated.

No licences.

No need to buy licences. As a part of our services, you can get all the licences from Microsoft and other partners. You pay only for those that you actually use.

No investment.

No need to buy hardware or licence to the operating system. Everything is included in the monthly fee. Clients pay only for the performance they use.

Platform migration.

AppToCloud makes it easy to transfer data from other platforms such as VMware or Hyper-V. Starting with drivers all the way to system install, everything is automated.

High availability.

Private cluster boasts high accessibility and no downtime. Redundantly placed in two goes or with hybrid replication into a pubic data centre.

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