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Private cluster

Private cluster represents a complete and fully autonomous virtualization solution including administration. No need to invest into purchase of your own hardware or licences.

Your Software, Your Service.

Developers are now able to employ their applications in the hands of the public. Some software authors still prefer their private infrastructure. AppToCloud is not only a means for virtualization, we want to be your technological partner in the transfer from providing a licence to providing a service.

SaaS model

We will take care of transferring your software into cloud. Starting with automatic power allocation in case of web projects to instance design and user login emailing or desktop to browser application transfer.

Everything automated

The main goal is simplicity. User should be able to work with any application in their browser with one-click or fill-in-firm solution. Automatization and scripting - we can also help with that.

Ideal for testing

AppToCloud is a good way of testing software products. It provides an environment for penetration, performance or optimization tests. It can provide safe environment for testing before delivery to end users.

Your billing

AppToCloud as a platform for software companies includes an accounting and invoicing system, which can be customized for the client. Your customers can work with credit and invoices in the customer interface while administration interface allows sorting payment records and credit transactions.

Client payment portal

Client interface makes it easier for the customers to pay for the services and follow transactions.

Pre-paid and Post-paid mode

System allows for pre-paid credit or post-paid invoices based on services used.

Payment gates

We support most of the standard ways of electronic payment including international payments.


Very effective data handling allows for IOPS guarantee even for demanding systems including the SAP platform.

Sales effectivity

With us, you can open a new sales channel. Automatic setup allows its potential customers order applications in real time.

Ideal for testing

We are also bringing a great way of testing applications. Suitable especially for penetration, performance and pre-production testing.

Apps management

Easy application management. Just install the application and save its image into the library. After price definition, it is made available to other users.

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