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Private cluster

Private cluster is a complete and fully autonomous virtualization solution including management. No need to invest into your own hardware or licences.

Infrastructure. Billing. Applications.

Private cluster for Internet Service Providers is a fully integrated solution for servicing. Starting with customer database to user interface and IP address management or virtual instance setup and billing including payment gate referral. All of this is also available via API. Only AppToCloud brings the real hardware, virtualization and service application solution. And all from one single supplier - AppToCloud.

Your Brand

Supply your customer with cloud services you can fully manage. We will provide you with completely configurable environment for hosting any applications and guarantee accessibility. Use the full potential of cloud services and form long-term partnerships with your customers.

Your Infrastructure

Cloud services are accessible for their clients safely and at guaranteed speed thanks to the private cluster at the supplier. This makes it a great complementary service to existing sales models and a competitive advantage to big market players.

Your Management

User permissions, backup settings, virtual network and IP management or integrated trouble ticket system. You can find even more than just this in our management interface. This assures our customers that their data is safe and they have someone to turn to in case they need assistance.

Your Billing

AppToCloud as a platform for ISPs includes own accounting and billing system which can by customized for the client. Your customers can work with their credit and invoices in the client interface. In the administration interface you can follow all the payments and credit operations.

Payment portal for clients

Client interface makes it easier for the customers to pay for the services and follow transactions.

Pre-paid and Post-paid

System allow for both pre-paid credit and post-paid invoices for used services.

Payment gates

We support most of the standard used electronic payments including international ones.

Appearance changes are available in all parts of the interface. You can customize your logo, colours, invoice templates or activation email templates.

No investment

No investment into hardware purchase, licence for virtualization or human resources for cloud management. Monthly fee covers it all.

Licence Rental

We supply Microsoft licences as a part of our servcice. The group of licence providers is expected to proceed to grow.

Documented API

Connecting the existing systems of our clients represents no problem thanks to our well-documented and flexible API.

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