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Tech spec

A complete list of features and technical specifications for private and public solutions.

Basic solution parameters
Private cluster Real-Time Cloud
User interface Yes Yes
Admin interface Yes Yes
24-7 monitoring Yes Yes
Managed Cluster (24-7) Yes N.A.
2 hour HW exchange guarantee Yes N.A.
HW stored at client Yes N.A.
24-7 technical support Yes Yes
25 minute call-back support Yes Yes
Private cluster Real-Time Cloud
Import from VMware Yes Yes
Virtual Server Pool Yes Yes
VPS Pool management Yes No
Live migration support Yes Yes
Live migration among localities Yes No
HA Cluster support Yes No
Intelligent File System (up to 9 000 IOPS) Yes Yes
External datocenter connection Yes N.A.
IPv4 and IPv6 mapping Yes Yes
Show host address Yes Yes
Automatic IPv4 and IPv6 management Yes Yes
Transferred data statistics Yes Yes
OS install from local ISO Yes Yes
Advanced virtualization parameters Yes No
Cloning without downtime Yes Yes
Performance upgrade without downtime Yes Yes
API availability Yes Yes
Private cluster Real-Time Cloud
Integrated fullscreen HTML5 RDP client Yes Yes
Single Sign On for RDP connection Yes Yes
Integrated HTML5 SSH client Yes Yes
Single Sign On for SSH connection No No
Apple Screen Sharing Support Yes Yes
Direct connection to virtual console via VNC Yes No
Private cluster Real-Time Cloud
Long-term processor use statitics Yes Yes
Long-term data transfer statistics Yes Yes
Long-term packet number statistics Yes Yes
I/O operation statistics Yes No
Disk operation statistics Yes Yes
Real-Time OS statistics Yes Yes
Application backup and library
Private cluster Real-Time Cloud
3 day backup of logical volume manager Yes Yes
User backup option Yes Yes
Manual backup option Yes No
Backup into file export September 2013 September 2013
Application inserting and icon management Yes No
Application pricing management Yes No
VPS Pool number setup Yes No
Other features
Private cluster Pubic cloud
SMS identity proofing Yes Yes
SMS service state notifications Yes Yes
Integrated billing system On request Yes
Payment portal PayPal On request Yes
Payments via VISA and Mastercard On request Yes
Microsoft SPLA report export On request N.A.
Interactive user account management On request Yes
API integration into third party systems On request Yes

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