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AppToCloud is based on a technology and interface complex, internally called H3o. We actively use RedHat technologies, OpenStack, our own API and GlusterFS technology.

User interface

Interface for user access to applications was developed for comfortable work with virtual desktops, settings and higher performance of virtual machines and backup restore. You can fully customize the interface through file creation and full support of Drag&Drop view. There is also access to payments, credit transfers and technical support.

User interface Configuration interface

Interface options

  • Fast access to virtual desktop in browser.
  • Group support and Drag&Drop
  • Functions for virtual machine parameter changes
  • Access to statistics, payments and technical support

Appearance change

The interface can be rebranded. We can customize the toolbar, invoice templates or internal trouble ticket system processes to suit the needs of every corporate identity the best.

VPS Management

Advanced interface allows configuration and management of individual virtual instances running on the cluster.

  • Start, Stop and Restart
  • IPv4 and IPv6 management
  • Manual backup and restore
  • User and permissions management
  • Virtual Network management
  • Manual ISO file deployments
  • Pre-created virtual servers available in real-time
  • Trash. Deleted virtual servers recovery

Users and Permissions

Effective user access management including credit and transactions history for ISPs.

  • Users and access management
  • Creating users via API
  • Permissions settings for each virtual server
  • Credit and payment history

Application library

A complete application and image management. Every virtual instance image can be saved into public or private storage. Public area lets administrators to easily define performance program, set the pricing policy and allow other users to deploy and order in user interface.

  • Public and private storage for application templates
  • Price and performance definition
  • Default templates contains all common Linux distributions and Windows versions

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