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AppToCloud is based on a technology and interface complex, internally called H3o. We actively use RedHat technologies, OpenStack, our own API and GlusterFS technology.

AppToCloud Cluster

Foundation of our technology represents perfect balance between infrastructure and virtualisation layer. Synergy of hardware and software. Every single cluster that we ever delivered is consists from the same hardware parts. Processor type, memories batch, firmware of the disc controller. Everything matters.

Control server

Central cloud unit. Manages IP address assignment, keeps track of free slots, starts and cancels virtual instances. It is also connected via secure VPN to our NOC for nonstop cluster monitoring and remote update. Customers can connect to our cloud service and control the whole cloud according to their needs.

Production servers

Autonomous servers for KVM hypervisors. Every server works in a present aggregate ratio according to the type of application or service. Therefore you can take advantage of the guaranteed performance.

Alternate servers

Every client is guaranteed a 2 hour hardware exchange with no downtime. The alteration is secured through alternate server. They form a coherent part of the cloud and their number is devised from the number of production servers. Servers are idle in normal mode until diagnostics initialize their start-up, live migration and setting into production mode.

Backup datacenter

The cloud automatically keeps 3 day backups of each virtual instance restorable 1:1. Backups can be restored with just a few click form user or configuration interface. Datacentre is not used for production processes, only for backup purposes.

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